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Portable Water Trailer USA Made

Water Hauling Trailers for Every Need

Whether the need is for agricultural watering, fire suppression, or horse arena preparation, we have a selection of portable water tanks with the perfect features and spraying apparatus built to handle the job.

The Right Trailer for Every Situation

The right portable water trailer can make a big difference in daily tasks. Deicing trailers allow for the distribution of deicing agents, such as magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, to create safe conditions on streets and parking lots during the winter. A fire water trailer assists in extinguishing brush fires that may occur on a farm or job site. Other water hauling trailers feature DOT compliance for use on public roads, and include a variety of features to handle a range of duties.

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Types of Water Trailers

fiberglass water storage tanks
Arena Trailer
water storage tank
Deicer Trailer
water storage tank
Fire Suppression Trailer
water storage tank

Express Water BuffaloTrailers

fiberglass water storage tanks
500 Gallon Express
Water Trailer
fiberglass storage tank water
800 Gallon Express
Water Trailer
water storage tank
1000 Gallon Express
Water Trailer
water storage tank
1600 Gallon Express
Water Trailer

Versatility and Practicality

Portable Water Trailers are versatile for use in many situationsGEI Works' portable water trailers includes features to handle a variety of tasks. The adjustable width spray bar enables users to water as they go, shortening application time. For spot watering or areas that are harder to reach, the trailer features a 25-foot fire hose. The 2" Tsurumi pump, assisted by a 4 HP Honda engine, creates an impressive flow rate of 140 gallons per minute. These features can make a mobile water tank the perfect the right solution option for any watering need.

Providing Water for a Variety of Applications

Water is an essential aspect of many industries, such as farming and construction. Irrigating crops, packing dirt, and transporting water between locations can be a crucial part of the job. The features of a portable water trailer allow you to take care of all these tasks. If ice covers roads or a fire breaks out on a job site, a portable water tank can also be used to create safer working conditions.

Common Applicationswater trailers feature a 25 foot fire hoze and nozzle
• Fire Suppression
• Crop Irrigation
• Dust Control
• Water Transportation
• Horse Arena Preparation
• Livestock Watering
• Dirt Packing
• Deicing

These water hauling trailers feature a variety of watering tools, ensuring find the right one for your task. If you're in need of a tailor-made trailer, the Argo Water Trailer by GEI Works offers a wide selection of customizable options.

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