1000 Gallon Water Tank Trailer

DOT-Compliant Express Arena Water Sprayer

1000 gallon water tank trailerThe express 1000 gallon water tank trailer is perfect for those larger projects on your job site, farm, or arena. With a high-strength poly tank and 4 HP Honda gasoline engine, you'll be able to control the force and range of your water flow with more than enough water to handle any job.

Whether it's watering or dust suppression on a large job site or farm, or using it as an arena water sprayer, the Express 1000 Gallon Water Tank Trailer can handle the job. Some of the ways you can use the 1000 gallon water tank trailer include:

  • Dust Control
  • Washing Stalls
  • Disinfecting Alleys
  • Agricultural Use
  • Watering Vegetation
  • Washing Seating Areas

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Making Dust Control Easier with our Water Tank Trailer

trailer mounted water tank for dust controlThe express 1000 gallon water tank trailer includes several features designed for making watering tasks easier, even with a larger trailer. The side-wind jack simplifies raising the water trailer when attaching to your vehicle and makes it much easier to turn. The galvanized spray bar with a 25-foot swath allows you to water on the go for faster and easier application. In addition to the features designed for the larger trailer, the 1000 gallon water tank trailer also includes those standard on trailer-mounted water tanks, such as tandem surge brakes to help the trailer brake with your vehicle, DOT approval to allow for use on public roads, and a 4 HP Tsurumi aluminum pump with a Honda engine for a faster, superior performance.

1000 Gallon Water Tank Trailer Features

  • Tandem Surge Brakes
  • Diamond-Tread Fenders
  • LED Lights (DOT Compliant)
  • 8' to 25' Adjustable Width Swath Spray Bar with Flood Nozzles
  • 2"x4 HP Tsurumi Aluminum Pump with Honda Engine
  • 140 GPM with Galvanized Fittings
  • Inlet and Outlet Manifold Kit
  • Side Wind Jack
  • Suction Hose to Fill Tank from Ponds
  • 16" Tires on E-Z Lube Hubs with 8 Lugs
  • 14,000 lbs Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

For a complete listing of specifications, please see: 1025 Gallon Water Tank Trailer (PDF).

Fill Your Trailer Mounted 1000 Gallon Water Tank with Ease

fill your 1000 gallon water trailer quickly and easilyThe express 1000 gallon water tank trailer features easy filling of the water tank from hydrants, ponds, or water pits, with a 20-foot suction hose. The white tank allows you to see the water levels to assist in filling and increases awareness when you're running low.

There are two easy ways of filling your water tank:

  • 2" Anti-Siphon Fill Tube
  • Drawing Water Through the Pump

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Questions about the 1000 gallon water trailer? We can help! Call us at 1-863-261-8388 or request a price quote.