550 Gallon Water Tank Trailer

DOT-Compliant - Pull Type

500 gallon water trailer Introducing the 550-Gallon Express Water Wagon, your ultimate solution for efficient water delivery to a variety of project sites, whether they're located along open highways or in remote areas. This DOT-compliant water wagon is engineered for safety and reliability on public roads, featuring LED lights and tandem brakes that enhance visibility and control. Its robust design ensures that it can handle the rigors of transportation to even the most challenging locations. When remote areas require mobile water storage, our 550-gallon pull-type water sprayer trailer stands ready to meet the challenge, providing dependable and efficient water delivery. With its high capacity and versatile features, the Express Water Wagon is perfect for applications ranging from construction and landscaping to emergency response and dust control, ensuring that you have a reliable water source wherever you need it.

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550 Gallon Water Trailer Features

  • 4 horsepower Honda engine
  • 140 GPM with galvanized fittings
  • 2" height adjustable ball hitch
  • Diamond tread fenders

550 Gallon Water Tank Trailer Benefits

    Water tank trailer with Honda engine pump
  • DOT-compliant
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy fill options
  • Equipped for accessories

550 Gallon Water Trailer Specifications

Length 161”
Width 79” (w/ Fenders)
Height 58” (w/ Fill Kit - 66”)
Suction Hose Size 20’x2’’
Fire Hose Size 25’x1.5” Hose and Nozzle
Spray Bar Galvanized with Double Nozzles; 8’-25’ Swath
Discharge Bar Galvanized
Size (US Gallons) 550
Tank Color Translucent White
Dry Weight (lbs) 1,800 lb (Empty)
Tires 15” on E-Z Lube Hubs with 6 Lugs
Wheel Track 72”
Capacity 6,000 lbs. (GVWR)
DOT Compliant LED Brake Lights
Frame Construction 6” Channel Iron
Finish Powder Coat Black Acrylic
Axle(s) 3,500 lb Tandem Slipper Spring
Tank Type 550 Gallon Polyethylene Elliptical Leg Tank
Hitch Type 2” Ball or 3” Pintle
Brakes Double Free Backing Surge or Electric
Fenders Diamond Tread
Motor 4 HP Honda Engine
Pump 2” Tsurumi Aluminum Pump
Valve Fittings 2" Banjo® sweep manifold
Lights DOT compliant clearance, stop, turn, tail, license
Warranty Manufacturer’s Warranty


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550 Gallon Water Tank Trailer Applications

Express water trailer with sprayer hose The 550-Gallon Express Water Trailer is a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of applications, particularly in construction and landscaping. Its powerful 4 horsepower Honda engine ensures efficient water delivery at a rate of 140 gallons per minute, making it ideal for quickly irrigating large areas or supplying water to equipment on construction sites. The trailer's 2" height adjustable ball hitch and diamond tread fenders enhance its maneuverability and durability, allowing it to be easily towed and operated on various terrains.

The DOT-compliant design, featuring LED lights and tandem brakes, ensures safe and legal transportation on public roads, making it a dependable choice for projects that require frequent relocation.

In addition to its construction and landscaping uses, the 550-Gallon Express Water Trailer is also well-suited for emergency response and dust control applications. Its easy fill options and galvanized fittings simplify the process of refilling the tank from various water sources, ensuring a continuous supply of water when it's needed most.

500 gallon water trailers for water haulingThe trailer is equipped to handle accessories, such as additional hoses and nozzles, providing flexibility for different tasks. Whether it's controlling dust on a construction site, providing water for firefighting efforts, or supporting remote agricultural operations, the 550-Gallon Express Water Trailer offers a reliable, easy-to-use solution that meets the demands of diverse project environments.

550 Gallon Water Tank Trailer also ideal for applications such as:

Express Water Trailers are also available in other sizes:

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