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500 Gallon Water Trailer

Express Water Wagon Trailer

The 500 Gallon Water Trailer is a reliable spray system and transportation option for any job that requires high volumes of water. Offering all the necessary equipment, these water trailers bring a complete system to every job. Watch how water trailers work.

  • DOT Approved Water Trailer
  • Tank: 500 Gallon Plastic Tank500 gallon water trailer
  • Surge Brakes
  • Adjustable 2" Nozzle Spray Bar
  • Fire Hose and Nozzle
  • Anti-Siphon Fill Kit
  • Suction Hose
  • 2" Koshin Pump with Honda Engine
  • 500 Gallon Water Wagon Specifications

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Common Uses:

  • Dirt Packing or Dust Suppression
  • Small Fire Suppression
  • Turf Watering
  • Tree Spraying
  • Landscaping


  • Low Center of Gravity for Increased Stability
  • DOT Approved
  • All-in-One System
  • Works for Dust Suppression, Ground Packing and Cleaning
  • High Resistance and Robust Components

500 gallon Water Trailer Technical Specifications

Part Number EXP-500-S
Trailer DOT Approved
Tank 500 gallon Poly Tank
Dimensions H x L x W 62" (with fill kit 70") x 162" x 80.5" (with fenders)
Weight 1800 lbs.
Capacity 7000 lbs.
Hitch Height Adjustable, 2"
Frame 6" Channel Iron
Axles Tandem Leaf Spring
Wheels 15 x 6
Tires ST225/75E15
Brakes Surge Brakes
Wheel Track 70.5"
Product Flyer & Drawing 500 Gallon Water Trailer Product Flyer

Additional trailer options are available in sizes up to 1600 gallons with models including spot sprayers, skid mounted sprayers, and other power units. For more information, please check out our complete Water Trailer Variety.

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