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Potable Water Trailer For Sale

Portable Water Trailers for Hauling Drinking Water

Potable Water Trailers For Sale
When it comes to hauling drinking water, you need a quality Potable Water Trailer that will go the distance. Our DOT approved water trailers are road ready and have many convenient features that make them easy to use. Boasting a 4 hp Honda engine and 2" pump, this trailer is so versatile that you'll be able to use it for a variety of purposes. With FDA approved coatings, our Potable Water Trailers not only safely deliver water, but they deliver on price too!

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Potable Water Trailer Specifications:

500 Gallon (pdf)500 gallon potable water trailer specs 800 Gallon (pdf)800 gallon potable water trailer specs
1025 Gallon (pdf)1025 gallon potable water trailer specs 1600 Gallon (pdf)1600 gallon potable water trailer specs

These potable water tanks safely transport clean drinkable water. They are ready for use on public roadways, arriving complete with DOT approved LED lights, double free-backing surge brakes, tandem leaf spring axels, diamond-tread fenders, adjustable hitch and safety chain. The sturdy heavy-duty chassis on this portable water trailer can also be used off-road for delivery to hard-to-reach locations. See specifications above for specific product detail by water trailer tank size.

Potable Water Trailers for Sale

Potable Water Trailers for dust control in arenas

In addition to its use as a portable water trailer, the standard package of features allows you to use them for:

  • Spraying unpaved roadways, racetracks, parking lots and arenas to control dust
  • Watering agricultural crops, landscaping, turf, lawns and golf greens
  • Spot watering
  • Applying liquid fertilizer or pesticide
  • Washing equipment or livestock
  • Firefighting (spot application for putting out small fires, spraying an area for prevention)
  • Compressing ground on construction job sites

Note: If using any water trailer for hauling or storing non-potable water, we strongly recommend appropriately cleansing and sanitizing the tank and fixtures before using it again as a potable water trailer. It is not advisable to use any water tank for both consumable water and toxic liquids.

Potable Water Trailer Features include:

  • DOT Approved Trailer
  • Double free-backing surge brakes
  • LED lights
  • Safety chain
  • Tandem axels with leaf springs
  • 2"¬†Tsurumi¬†pump with 4 hp Honda engine
  • High resistance polyethylene tank with potable water FDA approved coating
  • Adjustable 2 nozzle galvanized spray bar
  • 25-foot fire hose and nozzle
  • Diamond-tread fenders
  • Anti-siphon fill kit
  • 20-foot suction hose
  • See Specifications for additional detail

The features listed are part of the standard package for this portable water trailer. If you have specific requirements or need a customized solution, our Argo Water Trailer is your answer. We build and customize Argo water trailers to fit your needs.

If you need assistance in selecting the best option and features to fit your project needs, please call us. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are happy to help.

Questions? We can help! Call at 772-646-0597 or request a price quote.

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