DEF Tank Blanket Heater

DEF Fluid Heater

rain water tankOur DEF tank blanket heaters are created for freeze protection of DEF tanks. Extreme weather conditions affect the viscosity of DEF fluid and other materials, causing loss in production and additional costs to you. DEF fluid heaters are a great solution for keeping your diesel emission fuel at a constant temperature, preventing fluids from freezing while being stored or delivered.

Our DEF heater blanket prevents overheating and provides efficient freeze protection for your diesel emission fluid, keeping you on track! Made in the US, your delivery time is faster, saving you time and money. Call us today to find out more!

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DEF Tank Blanket Heaters

Our DEF tank blanket heaters are perfect at preventing diesel exhaust fluid from freezing, maintaining tank temperature, and keeping your fluids or viscous materials flowing. Our thermal blanket heats your DEF tank evenly with greater contact overall, preventing freezing in extreme cold.

DEF tank heaters are used across a variety of industries for small and large tanks, protecting them from freezing. We can help reduce your downtime during the winter months and deliver effective freeze protection for your tanks, giving you access to your DEF or other fluids. Made in the US, our DEF blanket heaters can ship faster and for less, saving you time and money.

Tank Blanket Heater Features

Features Benefits
  • Prevents freezing of, DEF and other fluids
  • Maintains constant temperature
  • Safe for -40 °F
  • Ensures proper viscosity
  • Ensures Proper Viscosity of Fluids
  • Keeps DEF at optimal temperatures
  • No scorching or burning
  • Uniform directional heat
  • Fully enclosed
  • Insulated top and flap
  • Water resistant
  • Safe for outdoor use
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Cost effective
  • 1 year manufacture warranty

DEF Fluid Heater Specs

BLANKET SIZE 49'' Diameter X 55'' Tall, Cylinder 47'' Diameter X 126'' Long, Cylinder 53'' Diameter by 125'' Long, Cylinder
TARGET TEMPERATURE 90 Deg F, 32 Deg C 90 Deg F, 32 Deg C 90 Deg F, 32 Deg C
INTERNAL THERMOSTAT 50C (122F) 50C (122F) 50C (122F)
(33 - 50 Deg C)
92 - 122 Deg F
(33 - 50 Deg C)
92 - 122 Deg F
(33 - 50 Deg C)
VINYL TYPE D-15 black vinyl D-15 black vinyl D-15 black vinyl
CORD LENGTH 15 Feet 15 Feet 15 Feet
VOLTAGE 120 VAC 120 VAC (240 on request) 120 VAC (240 on request)
PLUG NEMA 5-15 NEMA 5-15 NEMA 5-15

*Customized DEF Tote and tank heaters available upon request.

DEF Tote Heaters

rain water tankDEF tote heaters are also available for smaller DEF storage tanks. Our DEF fluid heaters keep fluid at 15ºF and 77ºF (-9ºC and 25ºC), the ideal temperature range for your DEF storage tanks. Designed with a durable vinyl shell, we have tote heater blankets in 275-gallon and 330-gallons. Our DEF tote heater comes as an insulated, full-wrap with cinch straps to give your tote blanket a tight fit. All of our DEF tote heaters are water-resistant and can be used with poly or steel drums.

Our DEF tote heater blanket is equipped with an internal preset thermostat, operating with 120 volts and delivering up to 1440 watts of heating power. We offer two thermal rating classes: one to -20ºF, the other to -40ºF to safeguard DEF fluid so it stays at its proper viscosity even in the coldest temperatures!

DEF Fluid Tank Heater Specifications

BLANKET SIZE 217" L x 49" H 217" L x 55" H
INTERNAL THERMOSTAT Internal Preset 70 °F (±10 °F) /
21 °C (±5 °C)
Internal Preset 70 °F (±10 °F) /
21 °C (±5 °C)
HEATED AREA 73.84 sq ft 82.88 sq ft
VINYL TYPE D-15 black vinyl D-15 black vinyl
CORD LENGTH 15 Feet 15 Feet
PLUG NEMA 5-15 NEMA 5-15

DEF Fluid Heater Uses

rain water tankWhether you are storing or delivering DEF, liquids or other materials, our tank heater blankets ensure the right temperature to keep things running smoothly in extreme temperatures. Keep your DEF tanks from freezing, keeping your business on track!

Our DEF thermal blankets are also used for:

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