Propane Tank Blanket

Gas Tank Heater

rain water tankOur propane tank blankets are created to give uniform heat for your entire tank. Because gas cannot vaporize in colder weather due to lower pressure, your gas is not available to you. Our gas tank heaters increase your tank’s efficiency by providing constant, stable heat to maintain tank pressure.

With our unique, even heating, you can fill tanks less often, saving you money! Available in a variety of sizes, we offer blankets in three thermal ratings for different range of temperatures from -20 F to -40 F. Made in the US, your delivery time is faster, saving you time and money. Call us today for more information and pricing!


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Propane Heat Blanket

A uniform barrier is wrapped around your tank, preventing hot and cold spots. Our propane heat blanket evenly distributes heat throughout your tank, keeping the pressure steady. The heater for propane tanks has an insulated layer, preventing the outside from getting hot to the touch. Safe for indoor or outdoor use, our tank heater blankets are ideal for propane, butane, nitrogen, oxygen and other compressed gases during the coldest months.

Operating at 120 volts, our unique design eliminates temperature fluctuation by ensuring uniform coverage over the entire surface. We have many sizes to choose from, with tank heaters from 20 lbs. up to 1000 lbs. Whether you need small propane tanks or larger tanks often used by oil and gas companies for frac water heating, our exceptional heating process ensures uninterrupted access to your gas.

Propane Blanket Features

rain water tank

  • Keeps propane and gas optimal temperatures
  • Quickly heats to preset 90º F / 32º C
  • Uniform heat barrier
  • Ensures proper vaporization
  • Full-wrap design
  • Safe for -20 to -40 °F
  • Ensure longer, more efficient tank life
  • Water resistant
  • Safe for outdoor use
  • Easy installation
  • Increases efficiency
  • Made in the US
  • Faster delivery

Propane Heat Blanket Specs

Thermal Rating 20 LBS 30 LBS 40 LBS 100 LBS 420 LBS 500 LBS 1000 LBS
Blanket Size 12.2" D x 18" H,
12.5" Dx18" H
45" L x 20" H,
45" L x 26" H
45" L x 33" H 52" L x 50" H 104" L x 53" H 40" L x 52" H 100" L x 41.5" H
Temperature 90º F (± 10º F) /
32ºC (± 5º C)
90º F (± 10º F) /
32ºC (± 5º C)
90º F (± 10º F) /
32ºC (± 5º C)
90º F (± 10º F) /
32ºC (± 5º C)
90º F (± 10º F) /
32ºC (± 5º C)
38°C ± (10°F/5°C)
38°C ± (10°F/5°C)
Heated area 6.25 sq ft 6.25 sq ft 10.31 sq ft 18.06 sq ft 38.28 sq ft 14.44 sq ft 28.82 sq ft
Cord Length 15 Feet 15 Feet 15 Feet 15 Feet 15 Feet 15 Feet 15 Feet
Voltage 120 VAC 120 VAC 120 VAC 120 VAC 120 VAC 120 VAC 120 C

Custom sizes, and lite and extreme thermal ratings are available.

Propane Heat Blanket Uses

rain water tankPropane tank heater blankets are used in many industries, with a variety of gases including: propane, butane, nitrogen, oxygen and other compressed gases. Our full-wrap thermal heater gives you a tightly wrapped tank with a snug fit and easy installation. These propane heat blankets maintain the ideal temperature for your tank, reducing pressure fluctuation. Whether you need propane access with small or large tanks, we can help make sure you have maximum efficiency from your tank in even the most extreme temperatures!

Gas tank heaters are used across many industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Fracking
  • Industrial Uses
  • Oil and Gas
  • Medical
  • Science
  • Chemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering and more…

Check out all of our blanket heaters, water storage solutions, and other products on by speaking with one of our specialists. We can help you find exactly what you need for your specific tank!

Questions about our propane blanket heaters? Give us a call at 1-863-261-8388 or request a price quote.

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