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Express Water Wagons For Sale USA Made

Industrial Water Wagon Trailers

Express Water Wagon Trailers are a safe and convenient way to store, transport and distribute water. If you're looking for utility, including a DOT water trailer with industrial-use features, ask us about Express Water Wagons for sale.

  • Express Water Wagon For SalePoly leg tank
    (500, 800, 1025, and 1600 gallon size options)
  • DOT approved trailers with double free-backing surge brakes
    (For the 1600 gallon trailer, electric brakes are standard)
  • LED lights and safety chains
  • Tandem axels with leaf springs
  • 4 HPHonda Engine & 2" Tsurumi Pump
  • Diamond tread fenders

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Additional Express Water Wagon Features:

  • 25' discharge fire hose and nozzle
  • Galvanized spray bar with double nozzles
    (sprays up to a 25' swath)
  • Galvanized discharge bar
  • 20' Suction fill hose
  • Suction strainer & fire hydrant adapter
  • 2" anti-siphon fill kit
    (prevents any backflow to the water source)
  • ST225/75D15 Tires on EZ lube hubs*
  • Water wagon chassis of 6" channel iron frame*
  • Adjustable height ball hitch

*For safety, the tire sizes and channel iron size vary, depending on the size of the water trailer selected.

water wagons can be filled from a variety of water sources

Water Wagons For Sale (Specifications):
500 Gallon Trailer (pdf)
800 Gallon Trailer (pdf)
1025 Gallon Trailer (pdf)
1600 Gallon Trailer (pdf)

Note: These features are standard. If you're looking for the ultimate in water trailers with additional features (or if you need to customize the trailer), you'll love our Argo Water Wagons. We build Argo Water Trailers to your specifications.

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Express Water Wagon Uses:

Since Express Water Wagon Trailers are designed specifically for industrial use, they are a popular solution for many different types of applications including:

trailer mounted water tankFarm water tank wagons:
- For hauling water
- For irrigating and fertilizing crops
- For washing machinery or livestock

Firefighting water wagon trailers:
- For water reserves or transporting water
- For wetting the ground quickly and uniformly
- For firefighting use in locations that are difficult to reach with heavier equipment

Arena water tank wagons:
trailer mounted water tank- For spraying the arena
- For watering or washing livestock
- For facilities upkeep

Additional uses for water wagon trailers:
- Dust suppression and control
- Irrigating landscaping
- Tree spraying
- Watering golf courses or turf

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