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Underground Rainwater Collection Tank

FAQ: Can plastic tanks be used for undground rainwater collection and storage?

Question: Hello. I am looking for an underground rainwater collection tank that I can use for collecting rainwater and then using that water for sprinkler systems. Do you have any tank? I was thinkin maybe plastic?

underground water storage tankAnswer: Thank you for contacting us! For underground rain water collection and storage, there are a couple of different tanks that could work including a polyethylene and fiberglass model. Both of these tanks are equipped to handle the storage of potable water (if needed), and come with durable construction to hold up to outdoor and underground storage.

Below ground polyethylene tanks can store anywhere from 325 to 1700 gallons, while fiberglass units can store up to 11,000 gallons. Customs sizes and styles are available upon request.

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Below Ground Polyethylene Tank:

The below ground poly tank is built from a reliable polyethylene material that offers a high resistance to rust, corrosion and chemicals. Some of the features that help equip and stabilize this tank for underground use include:

  • Ribbed Poly Exteriorunderground water storage tank
  • Watertight Lid
  • Self-Locking Covers
  • Light Weight (easy installation)
  • Seamless Poly Construction (no seams for leaking)
  • FDA Approved Resin

Fiberglass Underground Tank:

Another great choice for rainwater collection and storage is the Fiberglass Underground Storage Tank. This tank is built with a durable fiberglass exterior and matching resin to meet your water storage needs. Features include:

  • fiberglass underground tankFiberglass Construction
  • Resin Built to Match Stored Liquids
  • Light in Weight
  • Traffic Rated Models Available (can be driven over)

The fiberglass material is a highly rigid fabric that has a one time reaction and then remains inert. This helps to prevent your tank from cracks, leaks, dents, rust, and many other damaging elements.

In addition to these rainwater collection tanks, we also offer several other polyethylene and fiberglass models that can help store your liquids in above ground or underground locations. To view our full variety of tanks, please see: Water Storage Tank Variety.

Questions? We can help!
us: +1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.