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Which Tank could be used as a
Well Water Storage Tank?

(Toronto, Canada)

We are looking to purchase some kind of well water storage tank to hold potable water for use by a family of 4. We have a 205 foot drilled well. The flow is too slow for our needs, so we are considering a plastic tank to collect water from the well when we are not home and overnight. We are also considering a cistern to collect rainwater. What are our options?

Good afternoon! Thank you for contacting us! There are actual several different options you could implement for the collection and/or storage of drinking water. Depending on how you plan to divert this water from your well, several of our Plastic Drinking Water Storage Tanks could provide you with a clean and durable source of water.

Black Vertical Water Tank

The black vertical tank shown above is an example of some of our above ground plastic water storage. This vertical poly tank is made with the durable polyethylene material and has been FDA approved for the storage of drinking water.

One of the advantages of this vertical tank is that it is readily available with a black exterior. As opposed to the standard white tank, darker exteriors can help reduce or eliminate light flowing through your tank. This helps reduce instances of algae growth and keep your tank clean.

Underground Water Tank

The second tank shown above is one of our underground poly tanks. This polyethylene tank has a tough ribbed design that has allowed it to be frequently used as an underground cistern. As with most of our plastic tanks, this tank contains a resin that has been FDA approved for the storage of drinking water.

Since this water container has been designed for underground use, it has been made with many of the features required for safe underground water storage. Included in these features are self locking covers to help keep waters clean at all times. These cisterns have also been manufactured with only a single piece of polyethylene. This eliminates seams helping the tank remain strong for years to come.

While both of these tanks could serve as excellent options for the type of plastic well water storage tank described, please feel free to take a look at our full variety of Underground Tanks including those made from fiberglass.

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