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Fiberglass Water Tanks
For Storage

Hello. I am looking for fiberglass water tanks that I can use for water storage. Do you have fiberglass?

fiberglass water storage tankWe do offer several fiberglass tanks both in above ground and underground models. Depending on available space or water requirements, you can easily choose the model that will best fit your location.

The fiberglass tanks are often used to store rainwater, drinking water, or water that will later be supplied to utility systems.

Similar to plastic, fiberglass is a highly durable material that can resist several environmental factors. Many customers enjoy fiberglass for its ability to resist rusting, denting, corroding, cracking, and leaking.

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Standard advantages customers enjoy when using these tanks include:

  • underground water storage tankLight Weight Exteriors: This allows units to be easily moved or installed on your location.
  • Durable: As mentioned previous, fiberglass is a highly durable material that will keep your liquid container strong for the duration of its storage.
  • Built in Resins: Fiberglass tanks are made with the resin that matches your liquid material. This helps custom fit the tank to your storage needs. For example, if you wish to store drinking water, tanks will be built with the appropriate FDA approved resin.
  • Flexible: During the molding process, fiberglass offers a high level of flexibility for custom made tanks or unique storage locations. This helps fit the tank to your size restrictions or requirements.

Common uses for these Fiberglass Water Tanks:

  • Bulk Above Ground Water Storage
  • Underground Water Storage for Sprinkler Systems and Utilities
  • Rain Water Collection
  • Water Supply for Laundromats and Industrial Facilities

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